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Dieser Bereich enthält Informationen in Englisch über unser Online Programm Holistic Biography Work.
Im Shop sind Log-Bücher Holistische Biografie-Arbeit in verschiedenen Sprachen zu finden.
Bei Bedarf können wir ab Ende 2023 Online Module in Deutsch einrichten. Im Jahr 2023 werden wir damit beginnen, die Studienhefte der Englischen Online Module zu übersetzen. Sobald eine Übersetzung fertig ist, wird das jeweilige Studienbuch im Shop eingestellt.

Online Holistic Biography Training Program

12 Modules over 3 Years – Each Module with online real-time facilitated Group-work

Each Module consists of a self-paced Learning Pack consisting of a Study Guide, recorded Lectures, and suggested Reading. Trainees work through this material, and then participate in online real-time guided group-work sessions.

Our First Training Cycle started with the Typologies Module in January 2021.

Our Second Training Cycle will start in February 2022.
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Training Program Summary
Training Schedule next cycle

You can enrol for a Foundation Course – the prerequisite for the Training Program – at any time, and start working with the Study Guide and lectures. Online real-time facilitated group-work components are scheduled for –
Thu 11/11 – Sun 14/11/2021 – Daily 5 hours – Times to be advised
Thu 17/02 – Sun 20/02/2022 – Daily 5 hours – Times to be advised

If enrolment numbers permit, we can draw on our International Collegial Network, and arrange group-work in different time zones.

Foundation Course Pre-requisite for Training Program

Take charge of your life – Apply the resources of Holistic Biography Work

This course forms part of the entry requirements into a 3-year Training Program in Holistic Biography Work, offered online with flexible delivery. It may be done for personal or professional development. The Course consists of a Learning Package for approximately 22 hours of self-paced learning. If you wish to go deeper, this can be followed by 4 days with 5 hours of online real-time group-work. The group-work is mandatory for applicants to our Training Program.
If enrolment numbers permit, we can draw on our International Collegial Network, and arrange group-work in different time zones.
Foundation Courses can also be organised in different languages. Our Biography Log-book, the main study resource for the Foundation Course, is translated into different languages. Please contact us.
The Training Program is delivered in English.
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Introductory Course in Holistic Biography Work

Take first steps in Biography Work and learn about the ideas behind.

A fully online Learning Package which includes a Study Guide for self-paced learning, access to recorded lectures from Karl-Heinz Finke, and copies of the personalised Biography Log-book. If you wish to know more about Biography Work, this course uses the main topics of the 3-year Training Program to give an excellent introduction to Biography Work from a holistic perspective with some background into the underlying theory. If you are pondering on doing our training, this course can help you to make an informed decision.
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