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Online Biography Training Program

We now offer our 3-year Training Program in Holistic Biography Work online.
Successful graduates attain a Certificate in Biographical Consultancy.

There are a total of 12 Modules in the Program, with 4 completed each year.
Each Module offers a comprehensive Learning Pack supplemented by online real-time group-work.
A Learning Pack includes: a Study Guide, suggested reading, and recorded Lectures (with Visuals).

In addition, participants complete 3 Projects, one each year, to supplement learning.

In the first year of the Training Program, we offer the following Modules online:
Typologies – Understanding Self & Others. Exploring Temperaments, Soul Types, Qualities, Rhythms & Cycles in Life.
Learning Pack available in February. Online sessions of guided group-work in March.
Mental Health Challenges – Recognising common mental health issues. Learning strategies to manage mild to moderate symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress.
Learning Pack available in March. Online sessions of guided group-work in May.
Communication Skills – Sensing with 4 ears in human communication. Discriminating 3 elements of verbal communications.
Learning Pack available in June. Online sessions of guided group-work in July.
The Helping Conversation – Deep listening & empathy in encounter. Practising 3 levels and 7 qualities in helping conversations.
Learning Pack available in August. Online sessions of guided group-work in September.

Please note: Our Learning Packs are available for personal and professional development.
Click here for a description of the comprehensive Online Training program.

Entry into the Training Program

  • Some background in Biography Work and/or Anthroposophy is helpful. Completion of the online Introductory Course is highly recommended as a starting point for those with no such background.
  • Completion of a Foundation Course in Holistic Biography Work (or recognised equivalent) is necessary to be accepted into the Training Program.
  • Enrolment form is completed, including motivation for joining the Training Program.
  • Submission of personal CV and Life Panorama Chart after completion of Foundation Course.
  • Personal intake interview.


Karl-Heinz Finke & Laura Summerfield: mail@holisticbiographywork.com

Click here for a list of accredited Tutors in Holistic Biography Work who are happy to assist individuals working with issues related to their life story.

Course fees

All Courses come with a comprehensive online Learning Pack
Study Guide, recorded Lectures, suggested Reading and activities.
Introductory Course – $230 AUD or 140 €, self-paced learning program
Foundation Course – $470 AUD or 290 €, includes online group-work
Training Program Course Fee – $1990 AUD or 1050 € per year
Learning Packs  –  $150 AUD or 90 €

List of Training Modules

Training Program Summary
Training Handbook
Training Schedule Cycle 2 Year 1 (2022)
Training Schedule Cycle 1 Year 2 (2022)

On-line Training Program – Course overview

  • Has been found helpful within many professions: Health (Medical & Allied practitioners), Education (Teaching & Administration), Business (HR & Management), and Therapy (Psychotherapy, Counselling, Arts Therapy, etc).
  • Follows the guidelines established by the School of Spiritual Science, Goetheanum (Dornach, Switzerland), leading to accreditation.
  • Pre-requisite: is the Foundation Course in Holistic Biography Work. This should be completed before starting the other Modules.
  • 12 Modules are offered, and successful completion of each is required. 3 Core Modules, and 9 Theme Modules.
  • Each Module has a comprehensive Learning Pack, which includes a Study Guide, suggested reading, and recorded Lectures (with Visuals).
  • There is an annual intake, with the first Module (Typologies) commencing in February of each year.
  • 4 Modules are completed each year, plus 1 Project.
  • Additional Training sessions during the year support learning and the project work.
  • The 3 Core Modules deal with important, more sensitive content and include 20 hours of online guided group-work sessions (5 hours each day, Thursday to Sunday).
  • The 9 Theme Modules on specific topics include 13 hours online (3 days, Friday to Sunday)
  • 3 Projects are completed, with a written assignment submitted each December, in the following sequence:
    1. Biographical Interview; 2. Biographical Analysis; 3. Biographical Study.
    More details on these Projects and support to complete them are provided in the Training sessions.
  • A Study Record is kept for each Trainee. Certification is completed when all Training requirements are met.


  • Receive a Certificate in Biographical Consultancy.
  • Note: this Training does not provide qualifications in Counselling/Psychotherapy; those interested in such a specialisation are encouraged to obtain the necessary qualification. Many professionals add Biography Work to their existing tool-box.
  • Gain sufficient qualifications and knowledge to run Biography workshops of their own.
  • Are invited to join the network of Biography Work practitioners world-wide.
  • May be invited to learn how to conduct their own Training Program for Biographical Consultants.
  • Are offered Master Classes and ongoing support as needed